may 2019
Long Exposure in Rotterdam 

Rotterdam Cityscape with the Erasmusbridge. 
Made with the Fuji X-H1 at 100s, f/16 and ISO200 in combination with the XF 8-16mm ultra wide angle zoom @14mm. 
Also with the use of a big stopper, a graduate grey-filter and a polarizer

april 2019
Spring is in the Air 

Tulips in 'high key'. 
Photos taken with the Fuji X-T100 with the small XF 18mm

april 2019
The beautiful city of Rotterdam 

Last weekend I shot some photos in the beautiful city of Rotterdam. 
Photos of the Hef, the Market Hall and the famous Cube Houses
De Hef is the popular name of the Koningshaven bridge, a railroad lift that has been out of service since 24 September 1993. I made the photo with the fabulous XF 8-16mm @8mm
The cube houses in Rotterdam are cube-shaped pile houses at the Blaak near the Oude Haven. They were built between 1982 and 1984. The design is from Piet Blom 
The Markthal in Rotterdam is a residential and commercial building with indoor market hal. The opening took place on October 1, 2014 by Queen Máxima

april 2019
The windmills of Kinderdijk

The windmill area of Kinderdijk includes nineteen windmills in the northwest of the Alblasserwaard, a region in the province of South Holland. The polder mills are built to pump up the water from the low-lying polder. Almost all of the current windmills at Kinderdijk date from 1738 and 1740. 
Shot with the XF 8-16mm @14mm

april 2019
Visit at the old Coberco Milk Factory

I had some fun with my camera in the old Coberco Milk Factory in Arnhem. I also saw a funny photoshoot in the factory. And on the way back I saw a lot of 'mirrors' at the Provincial Government Building. Photos taken with my Fujifilm X-H1, the XF 8-16mm superzoom and the wonderful XF 56mm
The old Coberco milk factory in Arnhem
A funny photoshoot in the old Coberco milk factory 
On the way back home:
Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors... the Provincial Government Building in Arnhem

march 2019
War of the worlds

A weir is a large flood regulation construction. These are photos of the weir in Driel, the first two on a Friday evening, during sunset.  And the third one short after sunrise early in the morning. Big resemblance with War of the worlds! 

march 2019
Misty morning in Meinerswijk

On a misty Friday morning in March I took some photos in the beautiful nature reserve Meinerswijk in Arnhem.
The first three photos are made with a ND Big Stopper combined with a polarization- and a gradual grey-filter. 
Long exposure photography
The next two photos are made with a polarization-filter in combination with a gradual grey-filter
And these three photos are made without the use of filters and converted to black and white

march 2019
Streetlife in Amsterdam

On a Saturday in March 2019 I did some street photography in Amsterdam. 
All photos made with my Fujifilm X-H1 with the XF 56mm
Published in 'In Beeld 94 - Dutch Fotobond'

march 2019
Two bronze certificates from
the Dutch Fotobond

In February 2019 I got two BRONZE CERTIFICATES from the Dutch Fotobond (Foto Online 2019) for these two photos. 
Both photos are long exposure photos and made with filters on my ultra wide angle zoomlens
Bronze Certificate - Dutch Fotobond Foto Online 2019
Bronze Certificate - Dutch Fotobond Foto Online 2019

january 2019
First photos with my new
Fujifilm XF 8-16mm ultra wide angle zoom

In January 2019 I made my first photos with my new Fujifilm XF 8-16mm ultra wide angle zoom during a long exposure workshop by Marcel van Balkom. The photos are taken at the Brouwersdam in Zeeland. 
All photos are made with a ND Big Stopper combined with a gradual grey-filter
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