I am Eddy Westdijk, an enthusiastic photographer living in Ermelo (north-western part of the Veluwe in The Netherlands).
In recent years I have come to appreciate photographing nature, landscapes, woodscapes and waterscapes. Especially because I can completely relax and surrender to the silence of nature around me. That is really enjoying! 
My philosophy is that in my photos I want to show the atmosphere and emotion that the landscape evokes.
And besides nature, landscapes, woodscapes and waterscapes, I like to photograph people, buildings and modern architecture while walking through a city. And every now and then I do some macro photography.
In addition to my great passion for photography I enjoy traveling. I like to make a trip to a city as well as long journeys. My camera with lenses, tripod and filter system always goes along during these trips to capture beautiful images creatively.​​​​​​​
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