My '5-Photo'-Series

A Red Coat
typical amsterdam scenery
FineArt Architecture
photography art in black and white
Hanzestad Doesburg
historic fortified little town
Land of 'Fire and Ice'
magnificent iceland
Vigeland Sculpture Park
beautiful art in oslo
Spring in Speulder Forest
refreshing green colors
BinnenDieze Special River
river overbuilt with houses in den bosch
Beautiful Sun Rays
speulderbos in the morning
Spring Flowers
spring bellflower and purple and white lapwing flowers
A Tear and a Smile
alopecia areata
Marker Wadden
a unique ecosystem
night photography in beautiful den bosch
Fabulous Hoge Venen
baraque michel, noir flohay, brackvenn, la hoëgne
Grass Roots Square
amazing square in oslo
Special Light Effects
the lentse warande
Smoking Eel
the entire process of smoking eels from start to finish
The Dead-Tree-Landscape
noir flohay, 'hoge venen', ardennes
Autumn in Speulder Forest
exploding colors
Red and Blue
macro in two colors
An amazing Light Explosion
sunrise at the waddensea
Beautiful Zeeland
brouwersdam and zeeland bridge
Biesbosch National Parc
snow, ice, high tide and sunrise
The Iconic Brooklyn Bridge
between manhattan and brooklyn
High Water
flooded floodplains along the rhine river
First Snow
Arnhem on a Rainy Evening
area around the station
Beautiful Dutch Coast
zeeland in bw
Oisterwijk Fens
early in the morning
The Manhattan View
new york city
Spring in Leuvenum Forest
nice to walk through
Leiden City
history everywhere
Purple Landscape
heather field vierhouten
In the Subway
Fens of Hatert and Overasselt
early in the morning
Dynamic Images
from the 'hoge venen' in the ardennes
Stormy Weather
around fort pannerden
Brouwersdam in the Morning
Forest in Sellingen
artistic impression
Sunset and Sunrise
sunset in Cadzand-Bad and sunrise in Graft
abandoned, gloomy, distressed, bleak, lonely
Water Drops
macro with a lily, a gerbera, a green leaf and a rose
the weir near driel in reflections
Beautiful Oldtimers
concours d'elegance apeldoorn
Mudflats at Moddergat
the dutch wadden sea
Street Life
Van Nelle UNESCO Heritage
beautiful old factory in rotterdam
Misty Morning
meinerswijk arnhem
Beautiful Old Town of Deventer
night photography
Calling and Texting
street communication
Moving Nature
vertical, horizontal and rotating
City Life
people doing their thing
Seeds of a Dandelion
a macro experiment
Grocery Personnel
in an albert heijn grocery store
Paper in Shape
in red en blue
Coberco Milk Factory
Dutch Low Lands
oldehove, groningen
Foggy Rivers
in wageningen and huissen
in macro style
Beautiful Biesbosch
werkendam, noord-brabant
Provincial Reflections
government building arnhem
the atmosphere of autumn
Grocery Blue and Grey
in an albert heijn grocery store
Industrial Colors
landscape park duisburg
Michelle in the Studio
in b&w and in color
Zeelandbrug in Perspective
bridge over the oosterschelde
Van Nelle Factory at Night
beautiful UNESCO heritage in rotterdam
The Twist
beautiful arnhem station
creative effects made with PS
Giants of Royal de Luxe
Poles on the Waterside
grevelingenmeer and veerse meer
Dome prison 'De Berg'
residential area lombok in arnhem
Amsterdam Windows
modern architecture
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