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land- and seascapes
A collection of my landscape and seascape photos. Some made with the use of filters (ND Big Stopper, Graduated ND filter, CPL filter). This is one of my favorite photo themes
cities, buildings and architecture
My photos of different cities, buildings, bridges and beautiful architecture. This is one of my favorite photo themes
industrial places
A collection of photos of industrial places, old buildings and industrial colors
people and portraits
A collection of my photos of people and portraits. All converted in B&W, which I like most for this kind of photography. People sitting, standing, walking or in special situations. Photos taken outside, taken in nature or taken in the street. And some portraits taken in a studio with special flash-lights. This is one of my favorite photo themes
moving, ICM and multiple exposure
A collection of experimental photos. Photos with a blur, photos with moving objects, photos with intentional camera movements (ICM) or photos with multiple exposure. Horizontal or vertical movements, rotating, zooming or even a combination of these movements with multiple exposure
A collection of my photos of all kinds of animals. Some photos are taken in my garden or in the zoo. Other photos are taken at sea, in a nature park or anywhere else in my beautiful country
vehicles, vessels and traffic
A collection of photos of (details of) different kinds of vehicles and vessels. All within the theme of traffic and mobility
A collection of photos from nature. Some photos are taken with a macro-lens. I try to create surprising and unexpected results and try to focus on details
art and culture
A collection of photos which express some form of art, culture or cultural event. Entirely different photos with art or culture as a connection
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